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Welcome to MetaNin!

Metanin last updated in 14.01.21

Let me know if anything is outdated (balance changes, new weapons, new jutsus, etc..)

- Default Level is now 60 on build creation.
- Cell Regeneration Technique now heals more times with shorter intervals (3s -> 2s) in smaller increments
- WindShuriken, Wind Sctyhe Changes
- Combusting Vortex Changes
- Feast Of Lightning Changes
- Poison Senbon, Poison Scalpel Changes
- Water Slash, Water Sub, Water Prison Changes
- Triple Tags, Invisible Tag, Exploding Spiked Ball, Bear Trap Changes
- Risky Blade, Blade Piercing, Wild Slashes Changes

- Added Adamantine Staff
- Added new pipe and updated dmg on both
- Updated Bubble jutsus dmg
- Updated Crystal Fan & Blood Iron Fan dmg
- Updated Poison Scalpel dmg
- Updated Blood Tonfas base dmg

Land of iron content Added!
- Added Snow leopard, Emporer Penguin, Samurai and horned samurai to metagrinder (thanks hageshi for some of the data)
- Added Raid Points Bonus to metagrinder
- Added Crystal Fan, Blood Iron Fan and Kyuketsuki to weapons list
- Added Murasama (after buff) to weapons list
- Fixed nuibari and other fort buff weapons not giving fort (thanks zabuza for letting me know)
- Updated Vacuum Sphere to reflect balance change (cast time nerf)
- Updated Wall of fame with latest Kages,chunnis and jonins

Added Best Combo Calculation on build creator! (Still Work in progress)

Added blood puppet and old blood puppet to metagrinder!
Fixed Fan scale! - Thanks host!
You can now use your current xp in metagrinder!
Added missing levels to metagrinder - thanks nin wiki!

Max LVL can be edited on build creation, now it should be easier to make builds for a specific lvl
Registered users can now edit their builds!
Fixed Fan scale! - Thanks Slaughter

Added some lvls of 50-60 to metagrinder - thanks SandMaster, Sakatsu, Enver, Blade Dancer And Nin wiki
Added Rat Kage to metagrinder - thanks nin wiki
Added ALL daily missions to metagrinder! - thanks nin wiki
Added Bounty to XP Calculation to metagrinder! - thanks panda

Registered users can now delete their builds!
Added Wall of fame (i will improve the UI later :3 ) if some info is missing/wrong please let me know on discord

YS And Chakra Scalpel are now displayed as checkbox, not as a weapons

Fixed Demon Claws bug - Thanks slaughter for letting me know
Fixed Tonfas str buff - Thanks slaughter for letting me know
Fixed GF melee dmg and kunai dmg - Thanks luhan for letting me know
Fixed kabutowari str buff - Thanks zabuza for letting me know

Added Blood tonfas and Demon Claws! - Thanks jun for the ss

Added Filter By jutsus feature to Builds Explorer!
updated some jutsus dmg and melee base dmg

Added Fire Jutsus burn ticks! Thanks Jun for the data
Fixed Level-Stats calculaton bug above level 50

Added Blood Katana! Thanks Usoko for the screenshot